Eurocon Construction Limited

Our Services

 From the outset of the Eurocoast group it was our intention to provide high quality construction services and affordable developments in the TRNC, built to the highest international standards utilizing the wealth of experience we have gained in the construction industry.  Our services are sought by the most succesful and prestigious companies in Cyprus who require a first rate construction on time.  

Our Team

We use our own professional team that have served so well in our developments. We have always use our own core workforce rather than just subcontract, this ensures that we achieve a consistently high quality level and our construction management teams ensure that our labor force is qualified to deliver this, time and time again.  

Our Clients

  We have always delivered our products to a standard way above the market expectation and always within the time scales that we have agreed and signed to in the contract. Our customers confirm to our ability to meet the standards that they expect. In many instances their experiences have been relayed to our new customers and they are often the ambassadors for the company motto” Excellence with a personal touch”.  


You will find details of some of our completed sites 

Your Requirements

The Eurocoast group has been leading the way in Cyprus since we established in 2003. Eurocon Construction is a Class A constructor (the highest level!), and has completed over 2500 properties for our clients and have many more under development. We have constructed some of the premier developments and our work can be seen in residential, commercial and tourism projects. All of our works reflect our ideology about concept design, excellent service and quality construction.  

Completed Constructions

Whatever your requirements Eurocoast Group will have a solution