Who are we?The Eurocoast Group
We care At the Eurocoast Group we have a motto “Excellence with a personal touch” it is the common ethos that drives our companies and one that makes our companies stand out from the others in our chosen fields.
We have built our reputation in three main areas; Construction, Development and Property management. We provide high quality developments built to the highest standard and we maintain them to the highest level. Our teams ensure that we can deliver time and time again.
We pick the best locations for our developments, we design beautiful properties and we construct them ourselves to ensure that they are always of the highest standard. We have been constructing homes in Cyprus for over 15 years and have handed over 2000 of them to satisfied clients. All our homes are built to our exacting standards using the latest building techniques and materials. They have impressive specifications and the most comprehensive aftercare in Cyprus.
We From the outset of the Eurocoast group it was our intention to provide high quality construction services and affordable developments in the TRNC, built to the highest international standards utilizing the wealth of experience we have gained in the construction industry. We have always favored the use of our own core workforce rather than just subcontract locally as it ensures that we achieve a consistently high quality level and our construction management teams ensure that our labor force is qualified to deliver this, time and time again.

We create We have always delivered our products to a standard way above the market expectation and always within the time scales that we have agreed and signed to in the contract. Our customers confirm to our ability to meet the standards that they expect. In many instances their experiences have been relayed to our new customers and they are often the ambassadors for the company motto” Excellence with a personal touch”.
The Eurocoast Group
Caring for you, caring for the enviroment. Sustainable development

We are lucky to live and work in a beautiful land,

We design our properties to their natural enviroment
We create with nature not against it
We build sustainably
Our promise to you
We own the lands that we develop
We are a legally limited Company in the TRNC.
We hold class 1 classification for construction
We guarantee our work
We honor our contracts, we do not make false promises
Our aftercare service is there for your benefit
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